Grow Your Practice With M.O.G.

Converting Your Practice Into A M.O.G. Facility Has Been Proven To Increase Revenues By An Average Of 20%

Grow Your Revenue And Increase Your Bottom Line With M.O.G.

Stop Discharging Revenue

Start transitioning your patients into cash paying members of your M.O.G.

Develop Collaborations

Find new referral sources to improve the health of chronic disease patients.

Grow Your Practice

Increase referrals by adding medical fitness services to your existing practice.

Projected Revenue Growth Calculator

Converting your practice into a M.O.G. Facility has been proven to increase revenues by an average of 20%. To help see the financial benefits of the M.O.G. model, we’ve created a Projected Revenue Growth Calculator. Simply enter the number of patients your practice sees in a year and the average amount collected from each patient in the space provided. A 10%, 20% and 30% increase in patient visits and referrals, along with the associative costs and projected revenue increases will automatically be displayed.

Please note, first year expenses are the estimated, one-time costs necessary only for practices without the current staff and equipment needed for MOG services infrastructures. Furthermore, the calculator does not account for the added cash based income stream created by your MOG membership.


*At M.O.G. National we value your privacy. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will never be sold to third parties. It will only be used for communications you request related to the services provided by the Revenue Growth Calculator.

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