Corporate Employee Health

Empowering Employees To Reach Their Potential

Start Your Journey To Better Corporate Wellness.

The M.O.G. Corporate Employee Health Program provides customized solutions for the Corporate Client.

Whatever your corporate client’s employee health needs might be, the M.O.G. can handle it! Our experience and expertise will allow us to assist you in creating a solution that fits the corporate environment perfectly – from Just the Basics to Total Immersion and anything in between. Cultivating your business relationships can help you provide “wellness” programs using the MOG model in your local market. If your practice is already providing ergonomic and on site PT services, the addition of the MOG service for employee health is a natural fit.

Total Immersion

Want a complete solution? We can assist you in providing the MOG model to your Corporate client using a comprehensive package including:

  • Managing the on site fitness club
  • Employee engagement plan
  • Design an employee incentive program
  • M.O.G. Fitness Evaluation & program setup
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Collaboration with medical providers
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Third party administrator integration
  • Educational programs
Employee Health Middle
Employee Health Total Immersion

Right In The Middle

Your Corporate client needs a less intense but highly effective solution? Our Corporate Employee Health Intervention includes:

  • M.O.G. Fitness Evaluations & program setup
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • On site exercise classes
  • Collaboration with medical providers
  • Data collection & analysis with third party payer
  • Assist setup of employee incentives
  • Educational programs.

Just The Basics

Maybe a cost conscious solution is the right solution. This option includes many different services, such as:

  • M.O.G. Fitness Evaluations
  • Data tracking and analysis
  • Developing incentives
  • On-site education programs to help your employees better understand their health.
Just the basics employee heatlh

No doubt, associate wellness has to be a part of our moving forward. I have no doubt what you are doing is driving value.

Ed M., Rich Products